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Meet Father Nature Landscapes

At Father Nature Landscapes, we create one-of-a-kind landscapes designed around your ideal outdoor lifestyle. It all starts with a good conversation. From there, our thoughtful landscape design and construction process keeps you informed, and your vision front and center.

Why all the effort? For us, this isn’t just about landscaping. Birmingham is home. Our work is about making your world more beautiful and our community more livable  — one home at a time. We invite you to explore what makes Father Nature Landscapes different. If you like what you see, reach out to us. We'd love the opportunity to tell you more about how we can make your outdoors beautiful, functional, and amazingly livable.

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As full-service landscape designers and contractors, we can handle virtually any type of landscaping in Birmingham, Alabama.

Meet Father Nature’s Birmingham Landscaping Staff

Daniel McCurry

Branch Manager

Andrew McCurry

Operations Manager

Bryant Naile

Outdoor Living Specialist

Dwight Brown

Outdoor Living Specialist

Sigy Vargas

Production Manager

Ann Gross

Office Manager

Susan McCurry

Outdoor Living Decorators

Collin Varallo

Service Manager

Julio Tabin

Outdoor Living Specialist

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Best Landscaper — Birmingham, AL

What sets Father Nature Landscapes team apart from other landscapers in Birmingham? We’ve built long-term client relationships in the same community for years, and when that happens, the work begins to speak for itself. We invite you to browse our Birmingham landscaping portfolio and get a sense of the Father Nature difference.
If you’re more of a reader than a “picture clicker,” we’re happy to expand on how we operate our business. Our difference comes down to four areas: client care, capabilities, education, and culture.

Experts in client care

When you are landscaping your home, you’re creating the environment where your life happens. Where you spend your days, and enjoy your family. It’s about as personal as something can get. Which is why we encourage those looking for landscape services to select a company that takes the time to get to know you and how you live. That being said, we understand landscaping can be quite an investment, and it’s tempting to select the lowest-cost landscaper. But to create the personal, livable, outdoor spaces you desire, make sure you select someone whose commitment goes beyond planting shrubs and putting down sod. Whose commitment is to creating beautiful spaces for you to live your life.
Our success over the years has allowed us to build a team large enough to make sure you get proactive client care, but small enough to treat you and your project with the attention to detail it deserves.

Father Nature’s expanded capabilities

Landscaping means different things to different people. Anyone with a truck and a few tools can adopt the title of “landscaper.” We prefer to call ourselves landscape contractors because we’re really a design/build and consulting firm at heart. 
Our services include everything a home owner or business owner might want done to their outdoor spaces, from design to execution. Hardscapes, water features, decks, fences, swimming and reflecting pools, outdoor kitchens and living rooms, and more. Once we’ve built it for you, we have the team and horticultural expertise to maintain it for you, too.  

Educational background

Father Nature Landscapes was founded by Andrew McCurry, and today his brother Daniel also manages the business. 
The brothers grew up with a southern grandmother who constantly encouraged them to “get a little dirt under their fingernails.” Both gardened from an early age. These early gardening experiences soon led to more hands-on work when Daniel began a landscaping business at age 15. The brothers refined their skills and knowledge at Auburn University, where they both earned degrees in Landscape Horticulture. 
At Father Nature Birmingham, both Daniel and Andrew combine a scientific knowledge of plant life with a deep understanding of design aesthetics, allowing them to create beautiful, functional, and livable landscapes. Father Nature’s work is deeply influenced by the traditions of the English garden and the beauty of the southern landscape.  

Company culture

Father Nature Landscapes is an organization of locally owned and operated franchises united by one mission. We aspire to the level of personal care that allows us to get to know each client and help them become inspired to live a beautiful story of their own. One way we measure success? When we help clients build an emotional connection between life and land. It sounds lofty, but we really do want to redefine the way our clients experience outdoor living.

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