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Everyone enjoys the look of a nicely landscaped space. And that’s easy to do. But when our Gig Harbor landscape team sets out to design your yard, they don’t just ask what kinds of flowers you like. They ask about your family, your lifestyle, and your passions. We ask how you want your family to experience the outdoors. Because we believe great landscape design invites you in and helps you connect life with land.

Better client care means a more enjoyable collaboration

Job number one is to take great care of you. In fact, we make it our mission to become the standard to which you hold other professional contractors. Our finely tuned process ensures proactive communication from first meeting to final walk through. We take out the surprises, the disappointments, and the missed deadlines. Because creating a beautiful, functional landscape should be an amazingly positive experience. With us, it is.

Take a look at our Gig Harbor landscaping projects

Having a philosophy is one thing. Turning it into reality is another. So while we talk a lot about our philosophy, our projects tell the true story. So take a look at just a few of our outstanding Gig Harbor area projects, which include:

• An elaborate patio for entertaining and soaking up the sun

• A hillside planting that wraps the sitting area in zen-like calm

• A terraced hardscape with Puget Sound views capable of hosting a crowd

• A hillside planting that enfolds a sitting area with zen-like calm

• A terraced hardscape capable of hosting a large party and capturing breathtaking Puget Sound views

If you like what you see, give us a call. We’d love the opportunity to work with you.