Landscape Plantings

Low-maintenance plants from low-maintenance landscapers

Most clients tell us they want “low-maintenance” plants. We're happy to support that vision, but we always have to ask, "What does low maintenance mean to you?"

Are you an avid gardner who loves spending time in your yard? Or does your shadow darken your yard only three times a year? Your answer to this question will give us a sense for what low maintenance means to you and guide us to the landscaping service that's likely best for you.

Landscape plantings for hands-off gardners

Let's say you're not a big fan of getting your hands dirty (or your schedule doesn't leave a lot of time for dirt-under-the-finger-nails activities). Our landscape design team at Father Nature Tacoma will help you select a plant palette with your aesthetic and maintenance concerns in mind. Our install team will expertly handle the planting, leaving you free and clear to watch your landscape mature.

As experienced professionals, we do the small things right: everything from returning calls promptly to treating your yard like it's our own. From front-office personnel to our plant -nstallation crew, we're just as low maintenance as the plants we provide.

Do you have unique tastes? We have deep knowledge of: 

  • Plants that are native to our region and more likely to thrive in your specified location(s)
  • Plantings that fit different landscape design styles (e.g. traditional Japanese vs. contemporary northwest)
  • Decorative plants and fruit producing plants

While we're talking low maintenance, we also offer yard maintenance services, so you can offload your yard's upkeep onto our capable team, leaving you more time to enjoy your landscape instead of tending to it.

Garden Coaching

Let's say you have a green thumb. You love filling your weekends and summers with time outdoors beautifying your landscape. You'd like some direction on what to plant where, how to maintain it. Basically, you'd like landscape plantings with a professional look but you're open to doing the actual installation and maintenance yourself.

You would be a great candidate for our garden coaching services. One of our outdoor living specialists can help you select a palette of plants and you can pour yourself into the process of enhancing your landscape. 




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luxurious landscape planting surrounding a patio
Asian-inspired landscape planting in Tacoma WA featuring a mix of ferns, evergreens, de ...