Follow these spring cleaning tips to get your home and garden ready for the season

1 | Clean, clean, clean. This is your first order of business. Remove cobwebs, clean windows, and sweep and blow debris from around the house. A fresh coat of paint or sanding and re-staining can give new life to an old worn-out front door. Replace cracked containers and statuaries as needed. Less is more—too many pots or containers without a theme in mind often clutters up a space. Try to achieve a uniform look. 2 | Redefine garden bed lines, clean the crowns of plants, and fertilize flowering trees and shrubs. Putting out fresh mulch makes all the difference. Remove weak sod and replace with plants that can handle the shade. Make sure to add annual color to containers and beds. Add herbs to your garden so you can use when cooking dinner. 3 | Update outdoor furniture. If you are ready to invest in new outdoor furniture, go for it! It will be well worth it. Buying furniture covers will help you keep your cushions clean. For existing furniture, replace worn cushions or add new spring pillows to give it a fresh look. Find inspiration in these dreamy outdoor living spaces. 4 | Don’t forget your outdoor lighting. Make sure all the bulbs are working and that you have adequate light. Another amenity to consider is a quality sound system that you can hook up to your phone and play whenever you are outside—it’s a game changer for outdoor entertaining. 5 | Lastly, find a great spot to enjoy a picnic with your family!